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Erlend Apneseth Trio - Åra (2017) [Hubro; Flac/Mp3]


Genre: Contemporary Jazz, Ethnic Jazz
Quality: MP3 CBR 320 kbps / FLAC (tracks,log,cue)
Size: 87 / 180 Mb
Label: Hubro
Catalogue Number: HUBROCD2584
Total Time: 00:37:52

01. Utferd (05:08)
02. Tundra (04:06)
03. Øyster (03:24)
04. Stryk (04:34)
05. Undergrunn (04:39)
06. Bølgebrytar (02:33)
07. Saga (03:33)
08. Lysne (03:36)
09. Sakura (04:30)
10. Klokkespel (01:49)

From sun-dappled utopianism to the bleakest noir netherworld. On the astonishingly vivid ‘Utferd’, Åra’s opening track, the sound begins as an inchoate, unformed thing, like an orchestra tuning up, before the musicians gradually find their level. A series of repetitive plucks and glissandos leads into an almost trip-hoppy rhythm over-ridden by the drones and keening wails of the leader’s Hardanger fiddle until they reach a climax then slowly retreat back again into pure sound, trailing wisps of the dying melody as they go. It’s quite a performance, and a fitting statement of intent for what is the band’s second album. Their debut, ‘Der Andre Rommet’, created a suitable splash, being nominated for Spellemannsprisen, the Norwegian equivalent to the Grammy, and receiving a Norwegian Folk Award in the ‘Open’ category.

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Tags: Erlend Apneseth Trio 2017 Jazz Contemporary Jazz Ethnic Jazz
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