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Yoann Loustalot - Slow (2019) [Bruit Chic / Etic System; Flac/Mp3]


Born from the meeting between Yoann LOUSTALOT and Julien TOUERY, active and talented musicians of the new generation of French jazz, this new quartet also highlights the captivating Eric SURMENIAN and Laurent PARIS. A friendship story above all but not that, the four musicians present here are confirmed and inspired instrumentalists.

Listening to the first notes, we realize that they were made to meet. The music, written by their pen, is of rare beauty, out of time, sincere. We are surprised to take the time to indulge in the bewitching climates that hover between impressionist jazz and chamber music. Here, the correctness of the subject prevails over the performance and singular singing unfolds brilliantly over fascinating soundscapes.

Genre: Contemporary Jazz, Moderrn Creative
Quality: MP3 CBR 320 kbps / FLAC (tracks,log,cue)
Size: 119 / 243 Mb
Label: Bruit Chic / Etic System
Catalogue Number: 250879SLCDLP
Total Time: 00:51:45

1. Table rase (05:40)
2. Fjords (05:15)
3. Sonnig und dabei kalt (04:48)
4. Vers l'ouest (05:38)
5. Sur le tard (02:34)
6. Winter (05:03)
7. Vers le nord (07:53)
8. Metal Contact (06:09)
9. Ama Lur Gaixoa (04:19)
10. Saoul les nuages (04:24)

Download Yoann Loustalot - Slow (2019) [Bruit Chic / Etic System; Flac/Mp3]

Tags: Yoann Loustalot 2019 Jazz Contemporary Jazz
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