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Angèle Dubeau - Blanc (2019) [Groupe Analekta; Hi-Res/Flac]


Genre: Modern Classical
Release Date: 2014/2019
Quality: FLAC (tracks) / Flac 24bit/96kHz
Size: 257 / 1000 Mb
Label: Groupe Analekta
Total Time: 00:56:13

1. Angèle Dubeau & La Pietà – BioShock: The Ocean On His Shoulders - Pairbond (04:28)
2. Angèle Dubeau & La Pietà – Close Your Eyes (The Man Who Cried) (04:04)
3. Angèle Dubeau & La Pietà – The Distance Between (03:34)
4. Angèle Dubeau & La Pietà – Postcards from the Sky: Unfolding Sky (04:14)
5. Angèle Dubeau & La Pietà – The Rain (04:51)
6. Angèle Dubeau & La Pietà – Morning Has Broken (03:27)
7. Angèle Dubeau & La Pietà – Mario (03:15)
8. Angèle Dubeau & La Pietà – Addio Monti (Promessi Sposi) (02:18)
9. Angèle Dubeau & La Pietà – Appalachia Waltz (05:49)
10. Angèle Dubeau & La Pietà – Fujiyama (04:29)
11. Angèle Dubeau & La Pietà – The Desert and the Parched Land (02:32)
12. Angèle Dubeau & La Pietà – Bibo No Aozora (04:44)
13. Angèle Dubeau & La Pietà – Solitude (04:29)
14. Angèle Dubeau & La Pietà – Woman – She Was Waiting for Her Mother at the Station in Torino and You Know I Love You Baby but It's Getting Too Heavy to Laugh (03:53)

“BLANC (White) like purity and serenity. BLANC for luminous music that can bring interior peace through its strength and powerful evocation” says the musician. The talented Angèle Dubeau brings us a new album filled with light.

This recording tells a story, my story, the one of a women who, like so many others before, has grown and serenely come out of a battle against illness”. After months of fighting against cancer, it is music that has allowed Angèle Dubeau to stay the course through the turmoil. Here again, the internationally renowned violinist shares her passion with the excellent musicians of her string orchestra, La Pietà, with whom she joyfully shares the stage since 1997.

BLANC consists of 14 works from 12 composers of different horizons, all evoking the tranquil strengths and intensity of this exceptional violinist: Garry Schyman, Osvaldo Golijov, Adrian Munsey, Marjan Mozetich, Joe Hisaishi, François Dompierre, Ennio Morricone, Mark O'connor, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Dave Brubeck, Cat Stevens and Shawn Phillips.

Download Angèle Dubeau - Blanc (2019) [Groupe Analekta; Hi-Res/Flac]

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