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The King's Singers - The Library Vol. 1 (2019) [Signum Classics; Flac/Mp3]


Genre: Classical, Vocal
Release Date: 2019
Quality: MP3 CBR 320 kbps / FLAC (tracks)
Size: 55 / 106 Mb
Label: Signum Classics
Total Time: 00:23:44

1. Rainbow (arr. Dunachie) (02:37)
2. Call Me The Breeze (arr. Bruerton) (02:42)
3. The Truth Untold (arr. Rex) (04:32)
4. Oh! I can't Sit Down (arr. Chilcott) (02:46)
5. The Rose (arr. Raine) (03:40)
6. The Ballad of Nornagest (arr. Brunt) (04:31)
7. Yesterday (arr. Chilcott)

Acclaimed for their life-affirming virtuosity and irresistible charm, The King’s Singers are in global demand. Their work – synonymous with the best in vocal ensemble performance – appeals to a vast international audience. The Library is the name of a series of EP releases that celebrates our ‘close-harmony’ library, both historically and as it grows each year. Close-harmony is the phrase we have always used to describe its lighter repertoire, and we see The Library as our chance to make sure this rich vein of great song-writing and arranging gets the place of prominence it deserves. The Library recording series will involve regular releases which will come out alongside other touring and recording projects, giving us an output for revisiting some of these old favourites and commissioning brand new close harmony from recent releases. Every volume in The Library series will capture a variety of songs, celebrating the wonderful diversity of music in our world today.

Download The King's Singers - The Library Vol. 1 (2019) [Signum Classics; Flac/Mp3]

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